Our reputation for quality installations is second to none in Central Virginia. Our film installers have many years of experience and one of them, Joseph Wheaton was in the  very first group of tinters in the state of Virginia to be certified by Llumar when they started that program. Joseph has worked at Auto Trim Design for over 20 years (July 1990) and has over 20 years of automotive window tinting experience.

Those are just a few examples of our work. You can find many more in the Work Gallery

We have been a Llumar dealer for many years now. Our primary film is the high performance ATC series from Llumar.  

Some individuals have the misconception that window tint is just about improving the look of a vehicle but that is not the case. 

All our automotive films........

  • offer over 99% reduction in dangerous UV rays

  • enable your vehicle's A/C to operate more efficiently

  • protect your interior from fading and deterioration from the suns rays

  • reduce incoming heat (great for keeping the sun off of young ones)

  • help hold shards of broken glass together in case of an accident.

  • come with a lifetime warranty (as long as you own the vehicle)

All that and yes, it does improve the look of your vehicle as well

Ever pay close attention to cars or trucks you see advertised in magazines or on television?......the majority are tinted.


We also offer a wide variety of Llumar commercial and residential window films including security and decorative films. 


Be sure to stop by or call today for a price or if you have any questions regarding local window tint laws. You can also personally email Joseph at HERE for answers to your more detailed window film questions.